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The Search Process
  1. Confirming the assignment with an engagement letter which outlines the scope and nature of the assignment plus specifies our reporting procedure and fee arrangement.
  2. Comparing the client organization's goals and objectives with the job definition and content to assure the validity of the position description and candidate qualifications.
  3. Preparing a written position description, including an extensive list of the qualities and experiences of the potential candidates.
  4. Research and identifying potential candidates and referral sources.
  5. Contacting prospective candidates for preliminary confidential discussions and, as appropriate, evaluation interviews.
  6. Recommending three to four qualified candidates, both verbally and in writing.
  7. Once interest has been developed for a candidate(s) by a client, MAI performs detailed reference checking on each executive.
  8. Helping the client to attract the executive and then assisting in the integration of the candidate and the management team.
  9. Maintaining periodic contact with the client and the new executive to assure the new executive's successful transition to the new position.
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Looking  for retrainer search Looking for a change?